Board of Directors

  • Paul Block - Treasurer
  • Kate Colligan
  • David Csont
  • Andrew Fouts
  • Kenneth Glick, M.D. - Secretary
  • Patricia Halverson, D.M.A
  • Robert Johnson
  • Scott Pauley, D.M.A
  • Thomas Powell
  • Debra Reich
  • Ryan Ricarte
  • Joanna Schultz
  • William Semins - President
  • Anna Singer
  • Annie Valdes

Donna Goyak, Executive Director

Chatham Baroque's Board of Directors is made up of volunteers who work actively to promote the well-being of Chatham Baroque musicians and their music-making. Our goals include increasing the diversity of Board membership and broadening the representation in different industries, social networks, skill sets, and council; all in order to extend the ensemble's impact here and abroad.